Associate’s Degrees

Different hospitality careers require varying levels of education. To enter some positions, you may need no training at all; on-the-job experience will be sufficient. For others, however, at least some formal education is necessary to begin earning higher wages and assuming greater responsibilities.

Associate degrees are a type of undergraduate degree that generally takes two years, or at least 60 credit hours to earn. These degrees will help you establish a starting point in the workforce, and can even help you gain the knowledge you need to assume a managerial role, which is easier if you already have some experience on your resume.

Your educational program will include a mixture of general education requirements, course-specific requirements and electives. To be considered a full-time student, you must take 15 credits per semester for four semesters, or approximately five classes per academic period. Frequently, your studies will include summers off.

While many people choose to earn their degree at a traditional college institution, online associate degrees are growing in popularity. According to the National Center for Education statistics, more than half of the college degrees earned online are associate degrees. An online course of study offers a unique set of benefits. You can complete your work at your own pace, and work on your courses from your own home or wherever you feel comfortable. You can also pursue an accelerated online associate degree at some institutions.

An associate degree will qualify you to work in a number of locations, such as hotels, catering businesses, beverage industries, casinos, convention centers or tourism. If you earn your degree in a field like hotel management, you could study subjects such as beverage operations and law, nutrition and menu planning, marketing and advertising and purchasing stock.

Your associate degree can send you down the path toward the future you desire. With training, the hospitality careers you could begin are considerable. You might choose to work as a meeting and convention planner, food service manager or lodging manager.

When you complete your associate degree, you should be just another 60 semester hours away from earning your bachelor’s degree if you decide to pursue it. As you choose your associate degree program, check to see that credits will transfer to another institution if a bachelor’s degree is in your future.

Associate degrees are often awarded in a particular job area, like hotel management. An occupational degree might not transfer to another four-year institution. However, degree titles such as an Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Science and Associate of Arts are created for later credit transfer to a four-year school. Make sure you understand the particulars of the degree you are considering earning and see that the credits of the junior or community college coincide with the prerequisites of the four-year institution you hope to enter.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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