Clubs are a growing part of the hospitality industry, providing another outlet for pursuing the hospitality jobs which you're passionate about. Whatever the setting, clubs offer their own brand of entertainment and recreation, and require plenty of skilled employees to provide clients with a unique, enjoyable experience as they make use of their leisure time.

Multiple hobbies and interests have been incorporated into club settings. Sports and health clubs are just examples of a field that “is one of the oldest and most well-established segments of the hospitality industry,” according to the Hcareers website.

  • Career Options
    In a club setting, you could work in the kitchen, on the golf course, in a restaurant or in a pro shop. The options available can suit a variety of personality types, whether you enjoy a laid-back atmosphere outdoors or prefer a more fast-paced scene. Private clubs in particular, are known for offering lengthy career stays for their employees, as many individuals take pride in building longstanding relationships with club members.
  • Personal Characteristics
    The best private club employees are dedicated to providing excellent customer service for individuals who “expect and demand only the very best,” according to Hcareers. You’ll also need to be able to handle a large amount of work, ranging from dinner events to weddings, and have a friendly personality. Depending on where you work, you may also need to learn a certain amount of “lingo and etiquette,” Hcareers explained.
  • Employment Prospects
    To continue growing the club industry, many establishments around the world are engaging in considerable recruitment efforts. Securing a position at some of the top clubs won’t be easy however, as they try to employ only the best workers. If you are fortunate enough to secure a job, financial benefits and other job perqs can be substantial.

In the arts, entertainment and recreation industry, employment opportunities are found in many different settings. Young workers, under 25 years of age, hold about one-quarter of all jobs in this sector, but hiring of other age groups is expected to grow.

The popularity of figures such as Tiger Woods has done wonders to make the golf industry more popular. Also, new golf facilities have been constructed around the world and often include restaurants, event halls and other catering facilities—these are prime grounds for people looking for an avenue to grow their hospitality careers.

  • Earnings
    The wages in arts, entertainment and recreation industries can be fairly low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nonsupervisory positions averaged approximately $355 a week in 2008, the agency reported. Earnings will be dictated considerably by your chosen profession and part of the industry in which you are employed.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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