Degrees Needed For Hospitality Careers

The education you must achieve to work in the hospitality industry depends largely on the jobs you hope to hold and the goals you have for yourself. Typically, there are three groupings of skills: entry-level, which begin teaching you the basics of your position and start preparing you for later advancement; skilled, where you start cultivating abilities that can be utilized in more than one position; and managerial level, which will require your hard work but allow you to start leading others in the industry.

For hospitality careers, you can pursue associate, bachelor’s and graduate degrees. Job availability is typically greatest for occupations requiring the least training because workers are frequently replaced. Jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher might not be as abundant, but generally offer improved pay and benefits.

If you have aspirations of moving your way up the ranks of your industry, academic training will be in order. The time it takes to earn a degree can vary from several months to up to four years. Associate degrees will qualify you for beginning level work in hospitality. Bachelor’s degrees will help you begin preparing for managerial roles, while master’s degrees will give you the edge you need to move to the best businesses in your field.

Keep in mind that you can work your way through the ranks of the companies where you are employed, but doing so frequently takes several years. By pursuing your education—whether required or not—your career can move along much more quickly.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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