Hospitality Associations & Journals

A number of professional associations and other resources in the hospitality industry serve to provide workers with the networking, educational and news information necessary to keep them involved with and connected to their respective fields. Know what tools are available so you can maximize your worth to your employer and have some expert help in guiding your career in hospitality.

Professional Associations

According to, you should “want to remain in the mainstream of your desired field.” Through a professional association, you can multitask and find a means for reaching out to colleagues, accessing trade and professional journals and continuing your professional education. These associations are in a prime position to utilize information technology to help educate a large number of people through the publication of journals and other reports and by conducting seminars and other training courses.

Membership in a professional organization can be an asset on your resume, as it is one means of showing your current and future employers your dedication to your work and your commitment to keeping your skills relevant and staying atop industry trends. Association membership can also expose you to job possibilities to which other people in your field aren’t privy because some associations have “members only” job boards.

If you are in college, now might be a good time to consider becoming a member of a professional association. Not only can you start networking right away, but some associations offer membership discounts to students. Sometimes, tuition and other reimbursement programs exist to help young professionals start their hospitality careers off on the right foot.

You can find professional organizations by contacting a college career center or campus library. The National Trade & Professional Associations Directory is another helpful resource for finding a professional association you may wish to join.

The National Restaurant Association represents thousands of businesses, including restaurants, restaurant suppliers, nonprofit organizations and educators. The organization focuses on supplying these groups and individuals with the information they need to succeed in this industry, keep customers happy and achieve financial success. Through the National Restaurant Association, individuals can also access state restaurant associations and other educational and networking resources.

The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) serves managers of membership clubs, including athletic, golf, yacht and military clubs. The association works to cultivate relationships among members in similar businesses and encourage education and advancement. Through the CMAA, you can also learn more about professional certifications, find educational resources and research career opportunities.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) engages in advocacy and the promotion of the country’s public parks and other recreational opportunities. The group posts information on its website about webinars, online learning opportunities and other conferences, schools and workshops.

People at all levels of culinary skill can find support and educational resources through the American Culinary Foundation (ACF). With more than 20,000 members, the ACF is the largest, professional chefs’ organization in North America. The association offers accredited educational programs, certifications and networking opportunities to its members as vehicles to promote professional growth for current and future members.

Hospitality Associations & Journals

Trade Journals

Trade journals related to hospitality careers can also help you stay current with news and other developments specific to your profession or job description. The International Journal of Hospitality Management covers matters such as consumer behavior and marketing, operational management, human resources management and financial management.

Hospitality Technology offers research, news, reports and case studies related to the hospitality industry. The publication also includes a calendar of upcoming informational events.

Nation’s Restaurant News offers a look at news and updates in the restaurant industry, provides industry insights and includes information about upcoming events.

HOTELS Magazine calls itself “the magazine of the worldwide hotel industry.” Through this resource, readers can connect with daily news updates, learn about industry giants, find industry blogs, and more.

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