Hospitality Certification

Professional development is an important part of advancing your hospitality career goals. In hospitality careers, various forms of certification are available, and can serve as a means of helping further yourself in your job and even increasing your satisfaction with your work. If you have hopes of quickly working your way up the ranks of your industry, or even just within the company for which you work, certification can be another powerful means of achieving that goal.

When you earn a professional certification, you demonstrate that you have the knowledge required to perform a specific job. To become certified, individuals are often required to pass an exam administered by an organization or association that upholds certain standards for a field.

The certifications you will be able to obtain in the hospitality industry depend largely on the specific part of hospitality service you provide. The Educational Institute of American Hotel & Lodging Associations, for instance, offers certifications such as Certified Front Desk Manager, Certified Gaming Supervisor, Certified Spa Supervisor and Certified Hospitality Account Executive. The American Hospitality Academy offers a Certified Hospitality Professional designation. In the foodservice industry, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation awards the Foodservice Management Professional designation to those who qualify.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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