Hospitality Schools

You can prepare for a hospitality career at four-year colleges and universities, junior colleges and even some technical schools, such as a cooking school. No matter your interests, whether you want to enter hotel management, start work in the culinary or foodservice business, or begin a career in the entertainment end of the business, there are schools available to help you prepare well for your future.

How you plan your education is a big decision, and one that you will need to consider carefully in order to give yourself the best advantages on the job market. Do your research and take time to assess what programs are best suited to your needs.

  1. Are you interested in a higher-level position within a particular company?
  2. Do you prefer to learn a trade like culinary arts?

By considering your goals and interests, you will be better able to determine whether you could attend a two-year program, or if something from a four-year institution is in order.

Once you know the type of school you’ll need to attend, there are multiple other factors to think about as you plan your education. Completing the application process, deciding how you will pay tuition expenses, securing financial aid and researching a school’s accreditation status are just a few of the tasks you must accomplish.

The world is becoming an ever more interconnected place, and the number of fields related to the hospitality industry, from recreational jobs to culinary arts and even the legal profession, is growing. People in hospitality careers typically earn a higher salary when—and are able to start higher up the ranks of their particular field when—they have some training on which to fall back. If you have hopes of moving through your field quickly, the time you spend working on your training now can be very worthwhile.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014


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